The Kingdom of God is within You / Das Reich Gottes ist in Dir / O Reino de Deus está dentro de Você / El Reino de Dios está dentro de Ti

Readers of the King James Version will be familiar with the saying, The Kingdom of God is within you, spoken by Christ in Luke 17:21.

Readers of  the non-fictional book, The Kingdom of God is within you, written by Leo Tolstoy will be familiar with the principle of nonviolent resistance when confronted by violence.

The Kingdom of God Is Within You is the most influential work of Christian anarchism, actually considered the founding work of that tradition. Tolstoy argues that institutional Christianity with its doctrines, church hierarchies, and ritual practices, is anti-Christian.

Christ explicitly told his followers to reject doctrines, church institutions and hierarchies, and ritual practices, and instead to love truth, to honor God, and to treat all people as your family and as you would want to be treated.

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