The last One / Der Letzte / O Ultimo / El Ultimo

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When animals die out, the last survivor is called an endling. It is a word of soft beauty, heartbreaking solitude, and chilling finality. Endlings are avatars of loss. In the midst of Earth’s sixth mass extinction, these singular creatures embody the crisis facing our dwindling fauna and our failure to avert it.

By the time a species is down to its endling, it is functionally extinct. For most of us, the whole idea of mass extinction is pretty abstract, especially when the majority of who we are losing are species we did not even know existed or species that seem inconsequential to most of us, like snails or insects or maybe those endemic to environments we will never see or visit.

Unless you are someone very connected to a wild environment, or a scientist/naturalist/conservationist who is studying or protecting a certain species … chances are, they will pass unnoticed. The truth is, due to our modern lifestyles, most of us do not have a direct relationship with those being lost and so we do not really feel the full impact of their passing.

The fact of our interconnection leads to believe that we are all experiencing this great loss on some level, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Our inability to mark these losses and grieve them, is contributing greatly to the increasing levels of anxiety and depression we see around us … and that this is then being personalized and pathologised.

There is no consensus yet regarding the timeframe in which this climate catastrophe will cause Human extinction. In contrast to the elite-managed mainstream narrative regarding the timeframe, there is a group of courageous and prominent climate scientists who offer compelling vidence that Humans, along with millions of other species, will be extinct by 2026.

Irrespective of whether elites or their agents or even we acknowledge it, Earth’s biosphere is under siege on many fronts and, very soon now, Earth will not support life. Any honest news source reports one or another aspect of the way in which Humans are destroying the Earth and perhaps suggests courses of action to respond powerfully to it.

This, of course, does not include the insane global elite’s corporate media, which functions to distract us from any semblance of the truth. Most people will fearfully, unintelligently and powerlessly accept the delusions, denial and distractions that are promulgated by the insane global elite through its corporate media, public relations and entertainment industries, as well as educational institutions.

We arrived at this juncture because of a long sequence of decisions, essentially made by elites to expand their profit, power and privilege, and which they then imposed on us and which we did not resist powerfully enough. You believe the message that you can not (and should not) do anything in response to the climate catastrophe.

It is going to be a tough fight for Human survival, particularly this late in the ‘game’. Nevertheless, I intend to fight until my last breath.

If you are going to do nothing in response to this crisis, make it a conscious decision to do nothing. This is preferable to unconsciously and powerlessly do nothing by never even considering the evidence or by simply deluding yourself. It also allows you to consciously revise your decision at some point in future if you so wish.

If you do absolutely nothing, consider rearranging your life to exclude all meat from your diet, stop traveling by car and aircraft, substantially reduce your water consumption by scaling down your ownership of electronic devices, and only eat biodynamically or organically grown whole food.

And tell people why you are doing so.

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