The lonely Shepherd / Der einsame Hirte / O pastor Solitário / El pastor Solitario

A long time ago, in a humble lonely hub, lived a shepherd that used to search desperately for whom he loved. He retired to Pindos, the biggest mountain in Greece which forms the south branch of the Illyrian and Dalmatian mountain ranges, since he did not understand why people gather together so as to be separated from nature.

He brought with him an old book from the powerful civilization, from which he had run away. The old book described, in minute details, the gods that have made the World, and also man and woman, had invented the dual nature of evil and good, the meaning of right and wrong. Between several tasks for his survival he started to understand the meaning of life.

But after a short while, the extraordinary natural beauty of Epirus was not enough to fill his incomplete soul and he found himself lonely in a cold land, fustigated by cold winds of the highlands. So, he tried to find a woman in the maze of the rain forest.

But she had a thousand reflections of light and shadows, which confused him greatly. Then there were days he was looking for chaos, because she lived between heaven and Earth; for Gaia, because she was the mother of time; for Nyx, because she inhabited the lost nights; for Thesis, because he longed to caress her soft belly; by Mnemosyne, because she invented the words that he made his own words.

He spent his time inquiring, searching on each face, her face, searching for her in the most remote areas of the hinterland. Until one day he was lost.

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