The observer is the Observed / Der Beobachter ist der Beobachtete / O observador é o Observado / El observador es el Observado

Am I different from the content of my Consciousness? If I am different from the thing I observe in myself, then there is a division between me and the thing which I enquire into. We’re going to go into a little more.

I observe anger in myself. I am angry. Or I am greedy, envious. Is that envy different from me who is observing that reaction which I call envy? Or that envy is me; I am not different from that envy.

So, when I observe, is there a division between the observer and the observed? then there is conflict. Then I try to suppress it, control it, or run away from it, or try to wish to change it.

But if the observer is the observed, then a totally different action takes place. Are we dissipating the mystery of it? Because this is very important, right from the beginning.

We are conditioned to the conflict of this division. We are conditioned to either suppress it, or analyze it or run away from it. We are educated, to accept this division.

But when one looks into it very, very deeply – not very deeply, it’s fairly simple – one sees the observer is the observed, therefore, you eliminate all conflict.

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