The Omega Point / Der Omegapunkt / Ponto Ômega / Punto Omega

The Omega Point is a spiritual belief and a scientific speculation that everything in the universe is fated to spiral towards a final point of divine unification.

Evolution does not end with mankind: Earth‘s biospehre evolved before Humans existed.

Evolution is the Earth‘s hominization in which one cell organisms develop into animals, but some of the members of this classification develop organisms with complex nervous systems. This group has the capability to acquire intelligence.

When Homo sapiens inhabited Earth through evolution, a noosphere, the cognitive layer of existence, was created. As evolution continues, the noosphere gains coherence. This process is called planetization.

Eventually, the noosphere gains total dominance over the biosphere and reaches a point of complete independence from tangential energy forming a metaphysical being, coined the Omega Point.

Energy exists in two basic modes; tangential energy, enegy that can be measured by physics and radial energy, spiritual energy which accumulates into a higher state as time progresses. Available energy is decreasing all the time, as all systems gradually reach equilibrium with their environments.

The end result, it would seem, is the heat death, where everything has finally smoothed out to await an eternity of no change, no light, no life.

No matter how great a civilization we may build, no matter how high our aspirations may rise, they are all ultimately doomed to destruction. Every life, every Love, everything we value, must be erased in the slow march towards eternal oblivion.

Within 4 billion years, the sun will have expanded to engulf the entire Earth. But even before that, just one billion years from now, the sun will have become so enlarged, all life on Earth will be extinct.

This will not simply be a tragedy for the Human race – it will be a tragedy for all life.

But if we do leave the planet, we can carry life with us. All the species of plants and animals, ecosystems and living organisms, both currently living, and long extinct, can be brought back to life to flourish on new Worlds.

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