The perfect Paradise / Das perfekte Paradies / O paraíso Perfeito / El paraiso Perfecto

Have you spent a lot of time thinking about why you do what you do? It is a simple question. But this simple question is more important than you think.

Why you do what you do comes naturally, once you are able to recognize who and what you truly are. Awareness of what makes your heart beat. It comes with deep reflection of Self.

On a very deep level you are a point of Awareness in a universe of bliss and compassion. But you do not stay in paradise very long.

Being Awareness gives way to Self-awareness which in turn gives way to personality. You are now a Self with the need for purpose and meaning, respect and value.

Being Awareness is soon forgotten, hidden beneath the noise of its creation.

Having lost touch with your center you become a complex web of feelings and thoughts. Your identity shifts from Awareness to your body and mind as your true Self, leaving you frightened by your mortality, intimidated by the infinity of space and time.

You quickly assume a defensive posture, ready to ally your Self with any group or idea offering relief.

You are ready to believe and follow, giving up freedom for power, justice for security, Love for righteousness, allowing culture to become cult. Paradise was not lost. It was simply abandoned for safer ground.

Paradise can be defined is so many ways depending on the individual and often everyone has their own personal definition.

The first lot of paradise that comes to mind often is on the beach in the tropics, with plenty of palm trees and the country you think of may be Thahiti, Hawaii or the Maledives.

The perfect paradise to do everything, or nothing at all.

It is commonly the first choice when you think of paradise. With so many destination choices around the World for a little fun in the sun, it is easy to find a convenient location for a little relaxation in paradise.

It is all about long walks by the white sandy beaches and listening to the sounds of the ocean.

In the biblical account of the beginning of the World, God placed man in the garden. That was his idea of a perfect paradise.

We have drifted far from that idea and we need to get back to it.

We were created as natural beings. Deep down inside there is a part of us that longs to connect with the natural World. It is healing. It refreshes both your mind and your spirit.

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