The plants Return / Die Pflanzen kehren Zurück / As plantas Retornam / Las plantas Vuelven

The presence of plants help keep people calmer and make them feel good.

People who feel at home with plants in their working environment are less likely to be ill and therefore take less time off work. They manage stress more effectively and their productivity is better.

The ability of living plants to filter the air in the areas that you work help the problems labelled as sick building syndrome.

Plants effectively reduce the levels of a number of noxious gases found in almost every home and office building. Office landscaping can provide substantial benefits to your business.

Interior plants cut down distractions due to office noiseas plants and their leaves absorb background noise. Plants create their own micro climate and absorb heat, reducing the amount of air conditioning necessary.

Plants return over 90% of all water back into the atmosphere. They are very efficient at raising humidity levels by some 10% to 15%.

People are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and the importance of preserving and improving our environment.

Plantscaping improves your personal environment by making your rooms, work areas and buildings more aesthetically pleasing and perceptually stimulating.

I think its very interesting that at this very high tech moment in our adventure, the plants return; the humblest of all biology. The plants return and almost stand before us as a beacon and a promise.

The plants stand, both in the psychedelic sense but then in the larger sense of the vegetable kingdom, they stand for absolute Tao. 

They stand for the correct way for life to relate to its environment, effortlessly recycling, vegetatively propagating when necessary, sexually propagating when necessary, immune to pain, patient to the tune of centuries, always building up structure and always maintaining a leavening effect upon the land.

All of these qualities of care giving, a great turing point is in the orphan, the World is changing.

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