The play of the Seeker / Das Spiel des Suchenden / A peça do Buscador / La obra del Buscador

But since any change can be perceived only by virtue of a changeless background, who or what notices the coming and going of the sense of Being.

This presence is the bottomless ground of everything, the unknown source of Awareness itself, so perfectly whole, full and non-dual, that it has no need whatsoever to divide itself in two parts, Being and Awareness of being – no need. And thought can not understand it.

Hypnotized by the illusory idea of being only a tiny fragment separated from the whole, we are hounded by a deep sense of lack that prompts us to pursue a completeness that always eludes us.

In our everyday existence, we go after external goals – the next salary, the next mate, the next vacation, the next work, the next house … but life is too vast, too exuberant to be confined within the boundaries of one specific goal. Life is not a process.

Life is not a process that occurs in time. It is an endless explosion. – Nisargadatta

At every moment it is possible to realize that I am not a separate individual, but rather the dance of the whole. And this is beauty. And this being the case, teaching people how to become what they already are would be as arrogant and foolish as teaching waves how to become the sea or water.

We do not need to understand that mystery, simply because we are it. Actually, in one’s direct and immediate experience, everything – thoughts, perceptions, attention, suffering, the dualistic stance, and even the idea of Awareness, and even the idea of non-duality – all are just phenomena arising and passing away in and as the mysterious aliveness that we are.

Stay still and there until even the seeker dies. Then you will find yourself beyond in the unknown. – Nisargadatta

Liberation is over there somewhere and you have to follow a path in time in order to approach and reach liberation. This is the essence of duality, because if liberation is true reality, it is here. If you look for God, God is everywhere, so he must be here now.

If you are looking for the whole, if there is a whole, it must comprehend us and here, otherwise it is not the whole. It is the whole but does not include us! If you look for your true Self, it could be only where you are, your true Self.

So that was the play of the seeker. And until the seeker disappears, the play goes on. And when the seeker disappears not because he has found, but because it is like looking for the darkness with a lamp, and maybe he says ‘I will switch off the lamp only when I find darkness’. But fortunately, sooner or later the batteries finish, and when it happens, here is darkness.

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