The poison of Delusion / Das Gift der Täuschung / O veneno da Ilusão / El veneno de la Ilusión

Delusion is your wrong understanding or wrong views of reality. Delusion is your misperception of the way the World works; your inability to understand the nature of things exactly as they are, free of perceptual distortions. Influenced by delusion, you are not in harmony with yourself, others, or with life; you are not living in accordance with Dharma.

Affected by the poison of delusion, which arises from ignorance of your true nature, you do not understand the interdependent and impermanent nature of life. Thus, you are constantly looking outside of yourself for happiness, satisfaction, and solutions to your problems. This outward searching creates even more frustration, anger, and delusion.

Because of your delusion, you also do not understand the virtuous, life-affirming actions that create happiness, nor do you understand the nonvirtuous, negative, and unwholesome actions that create suffering. Again, your delusion binds  to you a vicious cycle where there does not appear to be any way out.

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