The poison of Greed / Das Gift der Gier / O veneno da Ganância / El veneno de la Avaricia

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Greed is a burning desire, an unquenchable thirst, craving, and lust; you want the objects of your desire to provide you with lasting satisfaction so you feel fulfilled, whole, and complete.

The poison of greed creates an inner hunger so that you always seem to be striving towards an unattainable goal. You mistakenly believe your happiness is dependent upon that goal, but once you attain it, you get no lasting satisfaction.

Then once again, your greed and desire will arise, looking outside of yourself for the next thing that will hopefully bring satisfaction. Influenced by greed, you are never content.

Another common face of your greed shows up as a lack of generosity and compassion toward others. Even a moment of honest and mindful introspection will reveal how deeply-rooted your greed can be.

You can experience the symptoms of your greed appearing in even the most trivial instances, and of course, greed can manifest itself in even more compulsive and destructive ways as well.

You always seem to want more, you want bigger and better, you want to fulfill your insatiable inner hunger and thirst (craving).

This type of greed affects your personal life, your professional life, and the domain of international business and politics.

Global conflict and warfare, as well as the destruction of our precious environment are obvious symptoms of corporate and political greed.

Greed, craving, and thirst affects each of us on a personal and global level. Greed is an endless and pernicious cycle that only brings suffering and unhappiness in its wake.

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