The power of Authenticity / Die Kraft von Authentizität / O poder da Autenticidade / El poder de la Autenticidad

It seems like within Society, many have lost the ability to become authentic to their true Selves. You have lost the true power of authenticity and this has robbed you of many things within your life.

Being authentic is to act in a way that aligns with how you feel. It is to live within the system of values that you choose to live through. It is nothing less than being true to yourself and living in a way that makes you fulfilled.

You do not know what values are at all or you do not choose your values or live within your authentic nature because you fear the opinion of other people whether that be your parents, your friends, so on and so forth.

If you do not consciously choose your values then Society will choose them for you. Society pushes values on you that you do not choose and that do not align with how you want to live.

When you live authentically, many positive things start to happen for you within your life. You get an immense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from living within your authentic Self.

This comes from the fact that you know you are living life to the fullest and living in within your values.

You start to walk the path of mastery to knowing yourself. To understand yourself is a major advantage in your life because it allows you to prioritize what you want from what you do not want.

It allows you to not get stuck on the treadmill of chasing things that you do not consciously want to impress people you do not consciously want to impress.

You begin to attract people who act in the same, authentic manner. You send out a certain type of energy that attracts people who love authenticity and who are authentic in their own way themselves. This opens the doors for new and powerful relationships which bring an immense meaning to life.

Not only do we attract people, but you attract opportunities as well. The reason for this is because when you act in an authentic way, you start to resonate with like minded individuals and these individuals feel compelled to present you with opportunities.

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