The precious Gift / Das kostbare Geschenk / O presente Precioso / El precioso Regalo

Within the jungle of the Amazon grows a vine that has caught the attention of medical researchers, shamans, and spirituality-seeking tourists for centuries.

Now this spirit vine has executives flying from around the World to experience its empowering medicine, to dig deep within one’s Self to unleash dormant creative potential.

When they enter the Amazon to better themselves, they walk out with a clear purpose to better the World. The vine’s name, Mother Ayahuasca.

The future of business depends on building a symbiotic relationship between humanity, Mother Earth, and corporations.

The Grand Initiative brings together the World’s leading influencers to engage in the ancient Peruvian tradition, where most participants develop an interconnectedness with nature and humanity through an introspective psychedelic experience.

There are only 1,645 billionaires on the planet and a relatively small number of celebrities and athletes full of incredible social media clout.

These influencers can have a tremendous positive impact in our World today, gain a new level of empathy – not just for other Human beings, but for the universe and all living things.

Ayahuasca, it seems, has an ability to connect executives to the earth and unleash a limitless mindset for those who honor its medicinal properties. Those who experience it seem to develop a deeper interconnectedness between self, humanity, and Mother Earth.

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