The Rain / Der Regen / A Chuva / La Lluvia

Rain and water are the essence of life and one of the four principal elements (water, fire, air, and earth). Rain is mother nature’s way of cleansing the environment and giving life on Earth.

Rain and water symbolizes spiritual cleansing and enlightening of our souls. Cultures around the World perform rain dances in honor of the God who provided water for Human survival.

The most cleansing substance on this Eart is water. Think of the joy rain brings as an energetic bath, rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

Being able to spend a few moments in the rain, you become aware of the healing powers water brings to you. Rain can renew you in so many ways. Rain is a strong reflective tool that has the ability to cleanse your entire being.

Experience the rain through all of your senses, understand how important each and every drop of water is. Look outside and notice how each individual raindrop seems to come down in a continual stream.

Noticing this you can contemplate how it takes many small accomplishments to create the whole of your existence, for nothing exists in isolation.

Focus your attention on the sound of the rainfall, letting the sounds of the raindrops penetrate the innermost of your self. Listening to the sound of rain may bring you a greater sense of connection with nature and the World, knowing that the sounds you hear are an integral part and nourish your spirit.

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