The river of Life / Der Fluss des Lebens / O rio da Vida / El rio de la Vida

Rather than enjoying the concert firsthand, the Ego takes pictures and films the concert, so it can talk about it and share the pictures later.

The river of life is forever flowing, but for the Ego, whose very existence is dependent upon freezing this stream of change, fluctuation is terrifying, which is why we call it impermanence.

From the pessimistic point of view of Ego fluctuation represents a threat to its stability, but in the centerless state of basic awareness the space that enables flow or change is the womb of vitality.

Life, adaptation emerges from this space. The Ego seeks to ignore this space by stuffing it full of credentials and solicited testimonials.

The Ego keeps every memory it stands to profit from. In an ego-centric mind there is no space, no room to breathe. But deep down the Ego knows the whole thing may come crumbling down at any moment.

It remembers the space, the silent gap between each note that enables the music to flow. This memory haunts the Ego. It breeds paranoia and insecurity.

This insecurity is the benefactor that finances the Ego’s obsession with collecting memories. An ego-centric mind is a co-dependent, and this co-dependency is all about avoiding space, fluctuation.

The Ego is dependent upon relationship or entertainment, which requires separation.

So, the Ego has to think of itself as a distinct entity. It has to separate itself from life. Upholding this segregationist strategy is necessary, if any sort of exchange is to be possible.

Separation is the foundation upon which the Ego’s empire is built. As a result, it is chronically discontented or lifeless.

The river of life changes, it is in the past, so let it go and move on! The new river offers water that is filled with unlimited possibilities and untapped potential, so be prepared to go with the flow!

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