The state of Nothingness / Der Zustand des Nichts / O estado de Nada / El estado de la Nada

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Is there a such thing as a state of nothingness. If God is infinite, and the Universe is infinite, can there possibly exist somewhere a metaphysical state of nothingness.

No aspect of the human mind can exhibit such a phenomenon. If we were nothing, then why would we perceive something. Having nothing implies nothing; something can not be derived from nothing.

Why would any rational individual believe in nothingness if there is no origin. How can something exist without origin unless it is infinite or omnipotent.

We are not infinite due to death; only God judges if we have eternal life. Since we must live in a state of finitude. If we were infinite, we could do anything we want beyond the limitations of physical nature.

Our minds can think of such outcomes, yes, but can they think of an infinite number of methods to break the limits of nature.

Outside of the mind, can nothingness exist in nature. Can there be a piece of earth that is nothing. Is perception then the basis of negating the existence.

If I follow such an assumption, then what about space. Can we perceive some black hole as nothingness.

But if the object itself exists, and we perceive or acknowledge its existence either on a theoretical or real-life life through abstractions, can we totally negate the existence of nothingness.

Would God ever want or intend to create nothingness.

I have a friend, a girl, who is very intelligent and articulate, who was born blind and hasn’t the faintest idea what darkness is. The word means as little to her as the word light. So, if you went to sleep, you are not aware of darkness when you are asleep.

So, if you went into sleep, into unconsciousness for always and always and always, it wouldn’t be at all like going into the dark; it wouldn’t be at all like being buried alive. It would be as if, as a matter of fact, you had never existed at all! Not only you, but everything else as well. You would be in that state, as if you had never been.

And there of course, there would be no problems, there would be no one to regret the loss of anything. You couldn’t even call it a tragedy because there would be no one to experience it as a tragedy. It would be simple – nothing at all. Forever and for never. Because, not only would you have no future, you would also have no past and no present.

Now you would think at this point you are probably thinking, ‘Let’s talk about something else’. But I’m not content with that, because this makes me think of two other things. The state of Nothingness makes me think, first of all, that the only thing in my experience close to Nothingness is the way my head looks to my eyes. Because I seem to feel there is a World out there as it were confronting my eyes.

And then, behind my eyes, there isn’t a black spot, there isn’t even a hazy spot. There’s nothing at all. I’m not aware of my head, as it were, as a black hole in the middle of all this luminous visual experience. It doesn’t even have very clear edges, because the field of vision is an oval.

And if I run my fingers along my field of vision it’s like this, and this is the point where my fingers just disappear from sight. Vague edge. But then behind this oval of vision there is nothing at all. Just from the sense of sight.

Of course, if I use my fingers and touch, I can feel something behind my eyes. But if I use the sense of sight alone, there’s just nothing there at all. Now, nevertheless, out of that blankness, I see. Well, that’s the first thing it makes me think of.

Now the next thing it makes me think of is this: if, when I’m dead, I am as if I never had been, then that’s the way I was before I was born. Because, just as if I try to go back behind my eyes and find what is there, I come to a blank … if I try to remember back, and back, and back, and back, I’ve got my earliest memories and then, behind them, nothing. Total blank.

But just as I know there’s something behind my eyes by using my fingers on my head, so I know through other sources of information that before I was born there was something going on.

There were my father and my mother, and their fathers and mothers, and the whole material environment of the Earth and its life out of which they came, and behind that the solar system, and behind that the galaxy, and behind that all the galaxies, and behind that … another blank … space.

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