The Stillness is You / Die Stille bist Du / A quietude é Você / La Quietud eres Tú

When you hear the word stillness you immediately think of it as the opposite of movement – but stillness is something quite different altogether. 

Stillness is an energetic quality of being. It is naturally present in the heart of every Human being, equally so.

Sometimes after a few cups of coffee or a fight we might not feel it, but it is still always there – it is only us who have chosen to disconnect from it.

Everything in the way you choose to live takes you away from yourself. The constant distractions, being too busy, noises, stress, emotions, stimulating food and drink, ideals and beliefs, protective mechanisms, anxiety – you name it.

And this way of life then becomes your daily lived experience which you perceive as normal, when it is not and you allow it to perpetuate.

Stillness has been used with the meaning of silence, immobility and quietness or it has been perceived as something fixed or something that stands still. According to contemporary dictionary definitions

Stillness is described in terms of being; motionless, stationary, silent, subdued, gentle etc. but it is a fallacy to believe that stillness is simply the absence of motion or sound and an even greater one to not acknowledge the incredible power that true Stillness contains.

Stillness is a choice. It can be felt by living in a state of presence where you remain connected to yourself and are completely present in your body. You are at one with everything, and everyone in all that you do.

Life flows with a simple rhythm – the rhythm of your stillness.

In this quality of presence there is something that stands still, but it is not absent of physical movement. Rather, it is your beingness that remains unaffected by any movement, action or doing even though it moves, acts and does

It is the depth of the ocean unaffected by its waves. It is the ability to surrender to your inner-heart and live from here in all that you do.

Therefore, stillness is not something you have to go in search of nor is it a journey into escapism or numbness. It is where you come from and what you are innately made of and thus it is your natural state of being.

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