The stillness is You / Die Stille bist Du / A quietude é Você / La quietud eres Tu

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You are constantly looking at your smartphone, you are up all night on social media, you are low on energy, you have a busy mind and you are considering doing meditation to find more balance in life. You have heard a lot about meditation but you are just not sure what it is all about. The thought of sitting there without thinking sounds totally impossible to you.

Calm and stillness is the sacred space within us. Once you are in touch with it, you become very relaxed and peaceful, yet dynamically aware. The more you inhabit this space, the less inclined you will be to give up the space to judgments, fears, or negative beliefs and habits. When you are still, and accept what is, you are more able to make sound decisions and judgments.

This is an essential cornerstone to a lifetime of powerful behavior that ultimately will lead to manifesting infinite possibilities. Calm and stillness is the universal state of fulfillment, the result produced by being present in the moment. It is a result of the interaction between what you think, feel, say, and do.

There are many meditation techniques. Some are easier than others and it is not all about sitting in lotus position with your eyes closed and no thoughts. Some meditation techniques you focus on the breath moving through the nose. Some you focus on your third eye, which is that space between the eyebrows. Some techniques you would focus on the heart centre. Some techniques you are guided by a voice that you listen to.

Then there are meditation techniques where you use a sound or mantra. These sounds are used as a vehicle to still the mind. Mantras or stillness are mind-vehicles that lure the mind from the active thought state into a deeper quieter states. The gentle repetition of this sound has a very calming effect on the mind. Some of these techniques are known as transcendental meditation, primordial sound technique and vedic meditation.

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