The stillness of Time / Die Stille der Zeit / A quietude do Tempo / La quietud del Tiempo

In the midst of your busyness, you secretly long for a simpler life – one that reflects a slower pace, where you are able to relax, breathe and enjoy some peace of mind. You fantasize about getting away from it all or leaving your responsibilities behind.

But rather than retreating to a cabin in the woods or moving to a mountainside monastery, the real solution is to learn how to maintain a sense of inner peace while still living and participating in our all-too-crazy World.

The quality of your outer life is a reflection of the quality of your inner life – not the status of your career, checkbook or relationship. If you want your outer World to be peaceful, calm and filled with joy, you do not need to find more time or take a vacation from life.

You need to cultivate time and your inner state of serenity. To achieve this sense of inner stillness practice meditation. Meditation reins in your racing thoughts and channels your brain waves into a calmed, harmonious state, the stillness of time.

Going into the silence of time is like taking a bath in pure, white light – it clears you, calms you and quiets you; and it helps you manage the stress of normal everyday life.

In silence you have your greatest opportunity to access the power of grace.

The idea of spending time in silence and stillness runs contrary to the messages you receive from the World. Instead, you are rewarded for your ability to multitask, and to be productive, fast and efficient. This is exactly you feel spiritually restless.

The more you make stillness a priority, the sooner you will be released from the fear and anxiety that come from living in an uncertain, ever-changing

Over time you will come to realize that the peace and joy you seek can only be found within – in the stillness of itme and that very special place in your heart that speaks the voice of your soul.

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