The truth about ISIS / Die Wahrheit über ISIS / A verdade sobre o ISIS / La verdad sobre ISIS

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The Yinon Plan explains conspiracy theories according to which the article either predicted or planned major political events in the Middle East since the 1980s, including the invasion of Iraq and the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein, the Syrian Civil War and the rise of the Islamic State.

Israeli strategists viewed Iraq as their biggest strategic challenge from an Arab state. This is why Iraq was outlined as the centerpiece of the Middle East and the Arab World.

In Iraq, Israeli strategists have called for the division of Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiite Muslims and the other for Sunni Muslims. The first step towards establishing this was a war between Iraq and Iran, which the Yinon Plan discusses.

Aside from a divided Iraq, the Yinon Plan calls for a divided Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. The partitioning of Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and Pakistan also all fall into line with these views.

The Yinon Plan also calls for dissolution in North Africa and forecasts it as starting from Egypt and then spilling over into Sudan, Libya, and the rest of the region.

The claim has been made that the Yinon Plan was adopted achieving the Jewish dream of a state ‘from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates’, encompassing the majority of the Middle East, as written in the Hebrew Bible.

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