The Unseen / Die Ungesehenen / Os Invisíveis / Los nunca Visto

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We ignore people who are less fortunate than ourselves, who live on the fringes of Society. We care about others 40% less than people in the 1980’s did, with the biggest drop-off in Empathy occurring after the year 2000.

Reasons for this drop in Empathy is mainly due the increase in media (both social and mainstream) and violent video games.

The increase of social media and the Internet has reduced face-to-face interactions. This in itself is not necessarily bad, except for the fact that these online relationships are easier to ignore whenever it is convenient.

An online friend stating their problems or asking for help on Facebook is as easy to dodge as clicking the mouse or shutting off the computer.

Competitiveness and a must-succeed-at-all-costs philosophy is far more prevalent than in previous generations. Feeling Empathy for others takes time and effort, which could be better spent on achieving their own goals.

Being brought up on a steady diet of violent TV and video games may deaden our feelings for others, probably in the same way our apathetic attitude toward friends carries over from the Internet.

And there is also the increasingly limited interaction between parents and their children through the decades that could be to blame for the decline of Empathy.

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