The war is not Over / Der Krieg ist nicht vorbei / A guerra não está Acabada / La guerra no ha Terminado

In recorded history since 3600 BC, over 14.500 major wars have killed close to four billion people.

In armed conflicts since 1945, 90% of all casualties have been civilians compared to 50% in the Second World War and 10% cent in the First World War. Women and children are the main victims of violence in war and peace. If we do not end war, war will end us. –

There are more than 40 active conflicts around the World at the moment.

Many of the conflicts do not get the media or policy attention and they may not have the same geopolitical or economic importance but the death toll is devastating for the people who live there. The number of people affected by humanitarian crises has almost doubled over the past decade.

Climate change, population growth, volatile markets, water scarcity, sectarianism and the mushrooming of armed groups and extremists are pushing more and more communities to the edge.

One hypothesis says that increased water shortages around the World will lead to war between states. As water is central to all Human activities, no state can allow its water resources to be compromised.

Experts believe things are only going to get worse. The World as a whole has been getting incrementally less peaceful every year since 2007.

Just one wrong, miscalculated move or coming too close to an enemy force, could push the situation over the edge unintentionally and it could go badly wrong. The violence could escalate with a ferocity and speed never seen before.

Some geopolitical scientist predict which nations will be fighting for World power in 2050. The details may not be as stated, there may be other players, it may not happen in 2050. But every century has a war.

The 21st century is not going to be the first century without major warfare. The United States has been the sole global power since 1991, less than 20 years. This is an order of magnitude more powerful than anyone else.

Undermining that kind of power can happen, but it normally takes wars, and it certainly takes generations.

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