The World Is Just Awesome / Die Welt ist einfach Großartig / O mundo é simplesmente Impressionante / El mundo es simplemente Asombroso

Being attracted to negative news is ingrained into the psyche. Biologically speaking, it is a trait that makes you aware of danger, and therefore more likely to avoid it.

But in the modern World, the negative headlines do not help you avoid danger. In fact, the depressing news drag you into the biggest danger in the modern World.

It leads to stagnancy and inaction by selling a victim mentality or a why even bother philosophy. It leads people to believe that things are out of their control, and there is really no point in trying.

It leads to the type of action the most dangerous people in Society actually want us to take. It is mob violence and groupthink. It basically invites the fox to guard the henhouse. People unwittingly beg the government or the corporations to control them.

So the biggest danger in the modern World is not anything the headlines warn against. It is allowing negativity to control you. It is focusing your state of mind on fear instead of opportunity.

The danger is playing defense rather than being on the offense. You get good at what you practice. If every day you practice being pissed off and pessimistic, you are going to get really good at it!

That is why it is so important to ground yourself in the truth of the matter. The World is a wonderful place, full of opportunity, and it is only getting better. And all individuals can make sure that trend continues. You do not have to save the World. You just have to live an honest life according to the change you want to see.

Live your life in a positive philosophy of empowered individuals. This makes an impact. This builds community. This spreads. It lifts people out of poverty. It connects people in the best possible ways. Love your kids.

Serve your fellow Human for your profit as well as theirs. Communicate, learn, and explore. Keep an open mind. Do what you love. Build a life that makes you feel happy and free!

There are many amazing individuals out there. Do not let the government, media, corporations, and peers rally you into herds. You do not have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, the manipulative media, and the brainwashed peers.

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