The world is made of Magic / Die Welt besteht aus Magie / O mundo é feito de Mágica / El mundo esta hecho de Magia

You think magic is weird, unreal and for fairytales. It is not. Magic is very real and very common. Is flying magic.

With a plane, it is not. For medieval men, it was. Is flying without a plane magic. For birds, it is not. And for Humans.

Who knows. Is a rainbow magic. A drop of water. Life itself. The closer you look, the more magic reality becomes, even if it is as it is.

We are ruled by magic. Words are magic. Life is magic.

Yes, difficult at times and yet even within the challenging opportunities lies the magic that we see and experience as life unfolds in her perfection.

Magic means illusion or deception, but when it comes to life it is neither, it is perception.

It is how you perceive life based on your personal and collective thoughts, beliefs and feelings and your interpretation of what you see and experience that is before you.

It is your interpretation of the events of life that result in your personal experience of life. How you perceive or interpret an event may be completely different from the interpretation of another, and yet it was the same event.

The magic within you to create anything and everything you desire. Your imagination offers the ability to transport your Self into any experience you desire in any moment.

Then there is the magic of the imagined experiences becoming the lived experiences.

You create the illusions and deceptions that you accept as life.

You hold the magic wand that can transmute your life experiences out of the World of illusion and deception to the truth of who you are.   

There are three aspects of life, the Magical, Mystical and Majesty, that allow for the fullest experience and expression of the truth of who you are.

If you had known me when I was 19 years old, I was into Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Marxism, Freud … I was a jerk!

And I came down from it and I said ‘I can’t believe it!’ That was all I could say for about 20 minutes. I was like in shock, I said, ‘I can’t believe it!’, ‘I can’t believe it!’ ‘Jesus, I can’t believe it!’

And I said, you know, I gotta go back to square one, all these people I dismissed, all these people who say the universe is made of levels, who say there are disincarnate intelligences, who say that death is not simply the yawning grave,

I had dismissed all those people as crybabies and sob sisters and I said ‘No’, you know. The point of view that I previously dismissed is apparently what’s actually happening.

So, in a single experience I was converted, from naive rationalism, realism, reductionism, to my present position, whatever it is.

Really all I’ve done is worked out the personal implications for me of the DMT flash and I’ve also tried to create linguistic models of it.

So the worth of it is that it shows you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the World is made of magic. That’s what the World is made of.

Not natural law, not interlocking cause and effect, not any of these things that are normally assumed.

The World is magic, not a little bit, one-hundred percent. Every atom, from one end of this cosmos to the other, is magic, magic, magic.

Certain concerns just die in the first thirty seconds of the DMT flash and can never be brought back to my mind …

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