There is no Goal / Es gibt kein Ziel / Não há Objetivo / No hay Objetivo

Life is simply transcendental – neither purpose nor no purpose, neither meaning nor no meaning. It is not going anywhere. There is no goal to life, and if you have a goal then you are going against life, and you will suffer -because you will be trying to go upstream.

You will have to struggle, and all struggle is dissipation of energy, and all struggle is stupid, because all struggle is destructive. It simply destroys you. You can not win against the whole. Relax … there is no goal to be achieved. Simply, there is no goal!

My whole life I have been telling you there is no goal! Life is its own goal. There is nothing outside life that you have to achieve. All achievement is the projection of the ego. The very idea of achievement is ambition. What you achieve does not matter – money, power, knowledge; these are not in any way going to give you life. In fact, in achieving power, in achieving money, in achieving prestige, in achieving any other ambition, you are losing your life, you are sacrificing your life. – Osho

‘Do not try to achieve goals’. There is no goal whether you try or not. If you try you will be simply wasting your time and energy. If you do not try you will start feeling ecstatic, because the whole energy that is wasted in struggle becomes available to you. And energy is delight. Just to have it is enough to be full of joy. When there is energy, overflowing energy, you are a dance, you are a celebration.

There is no meaning in life. Life is beyond meaning. So do not bother about the meaning. Do not ask the question: ‘What is the meaning of a flower? -There is none. ‘And what is the meaning of the sunrise?’ – There is none. There is beauty, but no meaning. There is immense beauty, but no meaning at all.

Life is not a logical process. It is poetry, it is a lovesong – without any meaning, yet it is utterly beautiful. In fact, when something has a meaning, it can not be beautiful – it is utilitarian.

The rose is beautiful because it has no utility at all. Its sheer being is enough; it need not have any other significance. But a hundred-dollar note has no beauty; it has utility, it has meaning, it has purpose, it is a means to some end

Live a life of sheer joy and ecstasy – that is the only way to live. Every other way is only to commit a slow suicide.

That is what happens when you are too much interested in goals: today goes by without being lived, and tomorrow remains important – and tomorrow never comes. Whenever it comes it is today. And you learn a wrong habit of losing that which is and of thinking of something which is not.

Every day it will happen: each tomorrow will come as today, and you will not be interested in it and you will be interested in the tomorrow, and the tomorrow is never going to come. This is how you are simply wasting away. Your life could have become a great oases, but you remain a desert. And the basic reason for your dryness is goal-orientation.

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