There is no planet B / Es gibt keinen Planeten B / Não existe planeta B / No hay planeta B

From the poles to the tropics and from all corners of the World it is very clear today that there is no planet B, nor is there a Pacific B. The Pacific region, an invaluable reservoir of biodiversity, is seriously endangered. With increasing frequency and violence, it is struck by extreme weather events that are likely to see parts of its territory disappear.

The Pacific islands have a population of about 10 million people, including more than half a million European citizens, especially in the so-called Overseas Countries and Territories, which are small pieces of Europe in the vast Pacific Ocean. They share one history, interests and values.

The Pacific is part of our cultural identity, valued by the World. The Pacific supports coral reefs, without them, the island shores would wash away. The Pacific has the most coral reef species in the World. The Pacific biodiversity feeds the world, 70% of the global fish catch is from the Pacific.

Maritime resources are the backbone of the Pacific economy and are of vital importance for local food. The European Union is the World‘s largest market for seafood products. The Pacific islands have a legitimate interest in the conservation and sustainable development of fisheries resources.

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