This is my Paradise / Das ist mein Paradies / Esse é meu Paraíso / Este es mi Paraíso

Paradise is a metaphysical place in which existence is positive harmonious and eternal; in contrast to the miseries of normal existence, in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Getting there is not exactly the easiest thing, but it is worth the journey. It is a place of contentment, often described as a higher place, the holiest place in contrast to the normal World.

Right now, I am a body, a mind and a spirit. My spirit is my paradise and my power. It surrounds my body and mind. I am the breath of life.

With every breath my spirit circulates through my body and my mind. I am a body, mind and spirit. My body is my spirits home. My spirit loves its home. My spirit is Love. I want to live Love.

My mind is my spirits way to choose how to live Love. When my body dies, my soul becomes my home. It does not really end. My spiritual path has lead me here. I am a body, mind and spirit. My purpose is Love and joy.

I want peace. My mind can choose. I have fought religion and non-religion. There is no peace there. My peace is my spirit. My spirits purpose is to live Love. The possibilities are endless.

The ultimate challenge in your life. For those who suffer from wanderlust, for those who call themselves a true searcher, for those who want to escape existential monotony.

Where better to go than paradiese? It does literally and metaphorically really exist – in the form of the islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia.

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