This is that which is Not / Das ist das was nicht Ist / Isto é o que não É / Esto es lo que no Es

Allama Prabhu married a dancer named Kamalathe, but she died prematurely. The grief-stricken Allama wandered aimlessly, arriving at a cave temple, where he met the saint Animisayya (the open eyed one).

The saint gave him a linga icon, blessed him with knowledge on god, and, Allama was enlightened and transformed into a seeker of spirituality.

Allama Prabhu‘s poetic style has been described as mystic and cryptic and are more akin to the Koans (riddles) in the Japanese Zen tradition, and have the effect of awakening the senses out of complacency.

Allama Prabhu propagated the unitary Consciousness of Self and Shiva, using poetry to express this unity.

Allama Prabhu regarded language as a limited means to express the unitive experience of truth. All language is the essence of beyond of one knows oneself.

All language is ignorance if one is unaware of oneself. His philosophy is described as monism and also as non-dualism.

I saw the fragrance fleeing, when the bee came,
What a wonder!
I saw intellect fleeing, when the heart came.
I saw the temple fleeing, when God came.

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