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So tell your children you are sorry for what is going on with the climate, but it is not their fault or yours. Tell them some bad people made it too hard to do anything until it was too late. Tell them you will vote for people that might help with the problem.

Tell them to study science and engineering so that someday they might help with a solution or figure out adaptations to deal with it. Or you can put that whole talk off for later. I will not blame you. You are only human.

So, quit worrying about going vegan, or recycling, or riding a bicycle to work, or buying a Tesla instead of that Ferrari you have always wanted in order to save the planet.

You are off the hook. It is out of your hands. You can do these things if it makes you feel better, but they are not going to change the big picture. Whatever you do does not matter.

Unless you are a Head of a state, King, President, Prime minister, or other grand Blabla, it is above your pay grade. If you are able to vote for people of power, that is what is left for you to do. Other than that … nothing.

We are a Society in denial, trying to collectively whistle past the graveyard. Our weather men will not even talk about it on the local news. It might be construed as political. It might upset people. We are so polite and civilized in our denouement.

Besides being stupid and greedy, we are genetically handicapped to deal with this situation. We simply do not live long enough to plan ahead. I do not mean decades. I mean centuries.

The reason is that people with money and power, the people with the means to do something, just do not care. They would have to give up money and power to change things. They will not be around to suffer the consequences of climate change anyway, so they just do not give a damn.

We only have one home and if she is dying, we are also.

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