This is where I Belong / Hier gehöre ich Hin / Isto é onde eu Pertenço / Aqui es donde Pertenezco

The beauty, no, the meaning of traveling around the World is that it allows you to get altitude. Not airplane altitude.

You get a big-picture perspective on things, to see the various ways cultures mesh and collide with one another and how the different streams of history have eroded and hardened each country’s social structures into their respective places.

You realize that much of what you believed to be unique in your home country is often universal, and that much of what you thought was universal is often specific to your home country.

You realize that Humans are by and large the same, with the same needs, the same desires and the same awful biases that pit them haplessly against each other.

You realize that no matter how much you see of the World, there is always more – that with every new destination discovered, you become aware of a dozen others.

You realize that no matter how much you learn about the World, there is always more – that with every new piece of knowledge obtained, you only become more aware of how much you really do not know.

You realize that you will never be able to explore or encounter all of these destinations. Because you realize that the more you spread the breadth of your experience across the World, the thinner and more meaningless it becomes.

You realize that there is something to be said to limiting oneself, not just geographically, but also emotionally. There is a certain depth of experience and meaning that can only be achieved when you pick a single piece of creation and say, ‘This is it. This is where I belong.’

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