Time goes By / Zeit Vergeht / O tempo Passa / El tiempo Pasa

Time goes by and slips away
Skies are blue and turn to grey.
You’re here only for a little while.
Don’t waste a day without a smile.

Don’t live in anger, fear or hate,
Seek forgiveness and trust your fate.
Don’t judge quickly, you may be wrong.
Choose to live, pretend you’re strong.

When tears will fall, wipe them away
They will only last but for a day.
Sometimes you’re hurt because you care.
Don’t keep the pain, give love and share.

You make mistakes, you can not change.
You do things right, still feeling strange.
Reach out to others and be a friend,
Love is the gift you want to spend.

Angels watch you every day.
See you happy, laugh and play.
Live with joy, and when you die.
Take your time to say good bye.


Focus on positive past memories, try to live more in the present, hold a positive perception of the future, vision a future full of hope and optimism. In other words, use time wisely.

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