Time goes By / Zeit vergeht / O tempo Passa / El tiempo Pasa

Time goes by and slips away –
Just as the sky turns from blue to grey. –
We are here but only for a short stay. –
Don’t let life pass with words you never say. –

Don’t live in anger, with fear and regrets, –
Seek forgiveness and lay your pain to rest. –
Don’t judge too quickly, as you may be wrong –
Instead, choose to live life as an uplifting song. –

When tears fall, wipe them away –
As they will only last but for a day. –
Sometimes we hurt because we care, –
Sometimes life seems unfair. –

We make mistakes we wish we could change –
And wonder how our life could be rearranged. –
Second chances last only for so long, reach out to others –
As we all are sisters and brothers. –

There are angels in heaven that watch us every day, –
They look over us as we laugh and play. –
Live with joy and when you lay down at night –
Thank the Lord and release any strife. –

Crystal Lewis

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