Time Is Nothing / Zeit ist Nichts / O Tempo não é Nada / El tiempo no es Nada

Time is a construct of mankind to organize life on Earth into a manageable process that can be utilized by all of mankind, regardless of language, location or origin.

That process takes into account the daily rotation of the Earth and its yearly rotation of the sun and hat the universe began with a big bang some 13 billion years ago.

The idea that there was nothing and then suddenly everything sounds like magic, not like experiential logic available to man. Some believe in magic, but we are not talking about magic here. Nature and life teach us that things evolve.

If the Earth is some four billion years old and man has been evolving only over some thousands of years, our construct of time may not be a proper measure of universal time. It seems that there might be some other concept of time, yet to be discovered, enabling man to modify his measures of time.

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