To life Everlasting / Zum ewigen Leben / Para a vida Eterna / A la vida Eterna / Ad Vitam Aeternam

The eternal future that we believers look forward to, the life everlasting, is very much a physical life. Our future is to live forever with real bodies, on a real Earth, as part of a real universe – a life, in fact, that is more, not less real than the life we presently experience.

Life in the World to come will be life as God meant it to be. It will be life made perfect, joyful and glorious beyond our wildest expectation.

All sin and evil have finally and forever been removed from the universe. And because evil is gone, that means a host of other things are gone as well, tears and death and mourning and crying and pain.

The new Creation is a World without sin, without suffering, without loss, and without end; beauty that never fades, strength that never diminishes, music that never stops, bodies that never die, pleasures that never looses attraction and relationships that never go old.

The life everlasting that we believe in is more than just our hope for the future. We believe in an eternal life that starts right here and now. The life everlasting is the life of righteousness and joy and peace.

Here is the good news … you can live forever. And the even better news … you can start doing that today. If you want to experience the life everlasting, you need to listen and believe in it.

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