Transformation of Duality / Umwandlung der Dualität / Transformação da Dualidade / Transformación de la Dualidad

Every Human being was invited to re-vision; –

Those who could not hear their heart chose systems of predation, –

While symbiotic souls found their way to co-creation. –

Predation pulled the mind; Symbiosis pulled the heart: –

Predation favoured power; Symbiosis favoured art. –

And thus the worlds began to split as Humans made their choice: –

To hear the voice of fear or to hear their inner voice. –

And as the Earth’s vibration rose, the worlds became uncertain.

Were Human Beings strong enough, as One, to lift the curtain?

Their numbers seemed so few and scattered, through a World of pain,

Where, even on the brink of doom, Predation seemed to gain.

But transformation starts within, as every student knows:

Often, much has changed within but, outside, nothing shows.

Those who sought for Mastery of Self began to meet.

Vibration was aligning them at work and in the street.

And where they met they shared themselves in full, without disguise.

Their meetings fuelled their vibratory signatures to rise.

Their glow was unmistakeable. Their numbers grew and grew until

Together, as One entity, Humanity came through.

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