Tree of Peace / Baum des Friedens / Árvore da Paz / Árbol de la Paz

The ‘Tree of Peace’ finds its roots in a man named Dekanawidah, the peace-giver.

A political reality with mythic proportions the association of Dekanaweidah and the ‘Tree of Peace’ is central to the his role in creating the Five Nations Confederacy, which consisted of the Mohawjs, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas.

The Great Peace associated with the peace-giver Dekanaweidah came with three parts:

  • The Good Word, which is righteousness in action, bringing justice for all.
  • Health, which is a sound mind in a sound body, bringing peace on Earth.
  • Power, which is the establishment of civil authority, bringing with it the increase in spiritual power in keeping with will of the Master of Life.

The ‘Tree of Peace’ helped unite one of the most powerful leagues ever, The Iroquois League of Nations. The tribes at one time were fighting with one another. There were fierce battles, but the people grew tired of the fighting.

So they agreed to bury their weapons under a giant white pine tree. They believed that the weapons would be carried away by the under ground waters. So they sent the weapons off through the path of the roots. The weapons went in all four directions.

Thousands of years ago, the people were at war with each other. A man named the Peacemaker saw a vision of a Great White Pine reaching into the sky.

Beneath the pine, the weapons of war were buried and four white roots extended in all four directions to the corners of the Earth.

Those who followed the roots at the base of the Great White Pine found shelter beneath its branches. At the top, an eagle alerts the people of approaching danger.

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