True Materialists / Wahre Materialisten / Verdadeiros Materialistas / Verdaderos Materialistas

As we are doing with absurd and uninformed and shortsighted methods of getting rid of insect pests, of forcing our fruit and tomatoes to grow, of stripping our hills of trees and so on and so on, thinking that this is some kind of progress when actually it is turning everything into a junk heap.

It is said that Americans, who are in the forefront of technological progress, are materialists. Nothing is further from the truth. American culture is dedicated to the hatred of material and to its transformation into junk.

Look at Los Angeles. Does it look as though they were made by people who love material? Everything is made out of ticky-tacky, which is a combination of plaster of paris, papier mache and plastic glue, and it comes in any flavor.

The important lesson is that technology and its powers must be handled by true materialists. True materialists are people who love material, who cherish wood and stone and wheat and eggs and animals and, above all, the Earth and treat it with a reverence that is due one’s own body.

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