A furtive Tear / Eine verstohlene Träne / Uma Lágrima Furtiva / Una Furtiva Lagrima

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Nemorino, a poor peasant, is in Love with Adina, a beautiful landowner, but she is not interested in a relationship with an innocent, rustic man. To win her heart, Nemorino buys a Love potion with all the money he has in his pocket.

That Love potion is actually a cheap red wine sold by Dulcamara, but when he sees Adina weeping, he knows that she has fallen in Love with him, and he is sure that the elixir has worked …

Una furtiva lagrima is sung by Nemorino when he finds that the Love potion he bought to win the heart of his dream lady works.

… deeply moved by his fidelity, Adina finally declares that she will love Nemorino forever. Adina begs him to forgive her, which he does with a kiss. Adina and Nemorino learn about the inheritance from his uncle.

Dulcamara returns and claims the success of his elixir and everyone queues up to buy the elixir and hails him as a great physician. Nemorino is now not only loved but also rich.

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