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Your waking conscious state, the World that you see, is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the total information available. Your picture of the World is a tiny dot in the totality of what actually exists. Think of it like looking at a single star in the immensity of the night sky above.

It makes sense though. Your brain needs to do this. It has to filter out the majority of what is around you so that you can piece together a stable sense of reality that feels manageable. You would not be able to function if you could see the full complexity of everything happening around you.

But is your brain, in its attempts to filter things out, actually getting rid of things that are important as well. Within this category of shit that your brain filters out, are there things that if you could see them, they would give you a deeper and more meaningful understanding of life.

Floating all around you are invisible waves that exist, but you can not actually see. Things like sound waves, radio waves, wifi and bluetooth signals, cellphone signals, and more. The sound wave exists, and you have a device (ear) to hear it, but you can not see it.

The brain has five types of frequencies or waves (beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma), and these waves are correlated to states of mind such as creative, calm, daydreaming, sleeping etc. Each of these waves can be measured in Hz.

Based on the theory of binaural beats, you can play a sound at a certain frequency into your ears, and if you listen to it for long enough, eventually your brain will synchronise to the noise and drop into that frequency. This is also often called ‘Brain Entrainment’.

This is useful because anxiety and rapid thinking are usually associated with beta waves, and calm relaxation are alpha and theta waves. If binaural beats work, you could shift yourself out of the brainwave pattern of anxiety and into calm relaxation (or other states of mind as well).

The web of life; let me try from the first to indicate the point that we are aiming at. The point is this, that human Consciousness is at the same time being a form of Awareness, sensitivity, and understanding; it’s also a form of ignorance.

The ordinary everyday Consciousness that we have leaves out more than it takes in. And because of this it leaves out things that are terribly important. It leaves out things that would if we did know them a lay our anxieties and fears and horrors.

And if we could extend our Awareness to include those things that we leave out we would have a deep interior peace. Because we would all know the one thing that you mustn’t know – according to the rules of our particular social game – the one thing you mustn’t know, that is not allowed, that’s really the low-down of life, and the low-down means the real dirt on things. But the low-down is also what’s profound, what is mysterious, what is in the depths; and there is something left out.

And our everyday Consciousness screens this out in the same way as when you say you have weaving. When one weaves the back will be the obverse pattern of the front. Now the World is like that. Our sense organs are selective. They pick out certain things, they are receptive. For example, we have a small small band of what you may call a spectrum of light, of sound, of tactile sensations and so on to which the human organism is sensitive.

We know that outside that small band there is a huge range of vibrations to which we have built instruments that are sensitive; things like cosmic rays, ultra violet rays, gamma rays, x-rays, and so on. They are all outside the band of our spectrum. And obviously, there are things outside the range of our instruments.

We may build new instruments some day which will evoke, bring into our Consciousness other orders of vibration altogether. But as yet we don’t know about them. So you can imagine the Universe is a vast vast system of vibrations. And it has infinite possibilities.

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