Upgrade your Brain / Rüste Dein Gehirn Auf / Aprimorar seu Cérebro / Potenciar tu Cerebro

Not only is it possible to hack your reality, but it is also possible to hack your mind. Mind hacking works with simple daily exercises that can alter your states of Consciousness into doing exactly what you want.

Binaural beats are specifically designed to target brain waves and induce different states of Consciousness. You might know the 4 brain waves, alpha, beta, theta, and delta but there are 50 different brain frequencies scientists study right now.

If you reverse engineer these frequencies, you can change the way your brain functions. You can activate intuition, creativity, the state of bending reality.

Your brain has the capacity to change and adapt according to the circumstances at hand. It is flexible and malleable. Constantly growing, constantly changing.

Neurofeedback helps you get to the heart of thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. Many ailments and suffering you endure are due to some aspect of false perception or thinking, think of it as “bad data”.

You are believing thoughts that are not true when you listen to the noise in your head rather than accessing the truth and wisdom that can be found in the space between your thoughts. By using neurofeedback training, you can filter out the noise and access a higher level of Awareness and thinking.

If you achieve that Zen-like brain state you unlock more lasting creativity, intelligence and calm focus than you ever realized you possessed. You will create more good in less time.

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