We are on Earth / Wir sind auf der Erde / Estamos na Terra / Estamos en la Tierra

The Earth is so many things and we are many things as well. We are made up from the earth in a complex yet simple way.

When we die, we go back to the earth in whatever way that may be, whether in ashes or whole. In a lot of ways we are very similar to the Earth.

We go through cycles as Human beings just as the Earth goes through cycles, just on different scales.

The Earth grows and dies, it changes and shifts, it warms up and cools down, the Earth produces life and is fed back the things it creates.

The Earth asks us to be aware that we are as much a part of the Earth than anything else and the Earth and its nature is a part of everything.

The Earth asks us to be content with how it is, to be content with ourselves and know that everything will change and grow at the pace and ways it needs to.

We must give back what it has given us.

We give back in a different way than the Earth gives us things but it is all connected and when we give back things that are toxic to the Earth, soon enough the earth will have no choice but to give us back that toxicness.

The Earth asks us to know what to do. To figure out how to be most efficient in keeping it healthy and alive. The Earth knows how to take care of us so we must know how to take care of the Earth.

In taking care of the Earth we are taking care of ourselves. In taking care of ourselves we take care of the Earth.

We must realize that we are a part of it. We should not try to change it because we want it a certain way or because we might be sick of something. It is how it is and it will continue to grow and change just as we do. 

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