We are the Universe / Wir sind das Universum / Nós somos o Universo / Somos el Universo

Ancient wisdom says that Humans were created to be the caretakers of the Earth.

We were placed on this planet to take care for its plants and animals, to protect its natural beauty, to show respect and gratitude for the abundance that Earth gives.

Ancient wisdom, and many indigenous cultures live to the fact that even inanimate objects have vibrational energy.

Even modern scientific findings, such as superstring theory, support the idea that vibrations are at the core of all existence.

The vibrations are there, but we are not taught to detect this type of energy. And so for most of us, it goes unnoticed.

Everything in the universe vibrates at one frequency or another. That includes Human beings. Your heartbeat, your breathing, your cycles of waking and sleeping are vibrations.

All things vibrate differently, so we may not be able to sense the vibrations of a rock or a tree as easily as we can feel the natural rhythms of other creatures similar to us.

But if you stop and think for a minute, you can begin to recognize the flow of the natural World around you.

Flowers that open and close, cycles of birth and death, the tides, the migration of birds, weather cycles from sun to rain and back to sun, the seasons, the orbit of the Earth around the sun

Even the expansion and contraction of the universe – all vibrations, on smaller or larger scales.

Humanity was given the responsibility of all the vibrations on Earth.

It is our honor and task to keep the universe humming with its essential life force, to show respect, honor, and gratitude to nature, to the universe, and to Mother Earth.

And so, ancient cultures created rituals involving singing, dancing, lighting fires, and prayer. These activities raised the vibration of the Earth and all life.

These actions, carried out with great Love and gratitude, reinforced and strengthened the forces of nature.

In turn, the Earth and the universe protected and supported the Humans, sharing with them the great abundance of existence.

But today, due to a global economy driven by wealth and greed, Humans are destroying the environment and with it the natural balance of give-and-take between man and nature.

Generally we are taking from the Earth far more than we are giving back.

At the same time the indigenous cultures of the World, the groups who hold the ancient wisdom and still practice the ancient healing rituals that are so desperately needed are disappearing.

You are aware of evolution and our place in the circle of life. You are the universe becoming aware of itself.

Ancient wisdom tells us that humanity was meant to be caretakers of the Earth, and so our Consciousness points you toward an extraordinary responsibility to create a better World for all beings.

Worldwide today transformational social change is already impacting our World in significant ways, calling for a change from the current paradigm to one of respect for nature.

A shift away from consumption and consumerism and toward a more holistic view of Humans place on the Earth.

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