We are who we Become / Wir sind wer wir Werden / Nós somos quem nos Tornamos / Somos quienes nos Convertimos

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What you become can transcend the limitations of what you have been, but you must change your thinking in order for that to happen. –

I am not as interested in who you are as I am in who you can become because that is where you have the opportunity to be the kind of ‘I am what I am’ or ‘I is what I is’ to be proud of, and raise your head high because of it.

But in order to do that you have to be willing to become more evolved. So how do you continue to become more evolved and conscious rather then stay stuck.

What happens around you and to you is shaped by your thoughts. Your attitude determines what you get out of life, the heights or the depths you will reach.

Your attitude is a function of your mindset. It may be difficult to accomplish, but changing your thinking will affect your life.

It is totally within your power to control the way you react to life. Controlling your mindset; this is having a specific mindset which will determine whether situations will control you or you control them.

Your thoughts have created the life you are currently living, and you will be able to create your future with these same thoughts. Each thought, whether conscious or unconscious, is always creating.

Think of it as sowing and reaping; your thoughts are the sowing of seeds and your actions are the reaping of those thoughts. There are no thoughts that do not have an effect, every thought moves you in a particular direction.

You must take control over creating the life of your dreams, while minimizing the inflow of things that you do not want. The thoughts you think are constantly attracting things, situations, people and health into your life.

Your thoughts are doing one of two things – they are moving you toward your goals or they are moving you away from your goals.

Understand how the conscious and subconscious minds work together. The subconscious mind has been programmed over your lifetime through the results of your thoughts, your habits, environments and experiences.

It does not know right from wrong, up from down, in from out, or black from white. Your subconscious mind only knows what you have programed it to believe is true.

You have the ability to project an image or an idea of what you want your future to look like. When you focus on something for long enough, you create it.

The thoughts you are having today will project on to your life later today, tomorrow and into the future. Change your thoughts today no matter what is happening.

Your thoughts can take you to the best and worst places. You alone decide which place it will be.

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