We become weaker as a Species / Wir werden als Spezies schwächer / Nós nos tornamos mais fracos como Espécie / Nos hacemos más débiles como Especie

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Technology will be making us slower and weaker. Our bodies were not meant for this World we have built. That is why your back hurts.

So much of the World that we take for granted and think is normal, it is not normal. That does not mean it is bad, but it is not normal from an evolutionary perspective.

Take a step back and you might find that there is hardly anything ordinary about the World we have built. The very built-ness of our World is precisely what makes it so foreign to our bodies.

In some ways the conveniences we seek out and enjoy are actually killing us by tiny cuts over decades and decades.

We have succesfully eliminated some of the worst things that humanity has experienced for most of our history on this planet. That is quite an accomplishment.

But we have traded these dangers for the perils of inactivity: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, back pain, joint pain, and mental health issues.

If we were to distribute chairs around the world, people around the World would sit in them.

And comfort has its benefits for sure, but if your goal is long-term health, there is plenty of evidence that not all the things that are comfortable are good for us.

We did not evolve to be healthy – we evolved to have as many offspring as possible. From an evolutionary perspective, we only needed to live long enough to have babies, and to make sure that those babies would survive long enough to have more babies.

Many of the traits that made it into our genes are not aimed at our long-term self-interest, in terms of health.

We have built our environment to a point that moving is a rare event, when it really should be the majority of our day. Sitting shortens muscles, reduces blood flow, limits motion, and leads to tightness, pain and injury.

Lack of movement creates pain and dysfunction. Pain and dysfunction hinder movement, and people are less likely to move because they can not, or it hurts. That leads to more lack of movement and the cycle repeats.

Our bodies were built to move, but we have built a World where that just does not happen. So, move your ass, move more, and move better, despite the environment we live in.

Moving used to be a subconscious act because we had to move. Now it has to be a conscious act.

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