We call it Cancer / Wir nennen es Krebs / Nós chamamos isso de Câncer / Lo llamamos Cancer

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In our culture, people buy more homes, more cars, more clothes, and more useless things that they just do not need. In your body there is a term that exemplifies this.

Something in your body takes more than it needs. When it takes all that it can take, it kills the host and it dies too. That thing is called cancerJust think about that. It breaks that law and kills you.

There is one fundamental law that all of nature obeys that mankind breaks every day. Now this is a law that has evolved over billions of years and the law is this: nothing in nature takes more than it needs and when it does it becomes subject to this law and it dies off. – Tom Shadyac

Just look inside you and look at what is true for you. Everyone is on a different path. Do not fall into the false definition of success. The problem that we face in our culture is the definition of success. Do not take more than you need. Nature has been around for billions of years.

Maybe you should follow nature’s lead more often.

Nature works in cycles. There is no place to throw things away. Every kind of waste nourishes another part of the system. Nature is a self-organizing, adaptive network of relationships. This network generates yet more life and relationships, in forms that are competitive, cooperative, and unimaginably diverse.

Nature uses energy mostly from the sun, not fossil energy. Nature does not draw down the principal of the Earth’s generosity. It lives off the interest. It can continue indefinitely.

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