We can be the Changers / Wir können die Veränderer Sein / Nós podemos ser os Cambiadores / Podemos ser los Cambiadores

To bring the natural system into balance, a new economy that is sustainable and respects the limits of natural resources and the functions of ecosystems is fundamental.

This requires a shift in how we value, use and dispose of resources, creating a circular system, as in nature.

Earth’s ecosystems have evolved for millions of years, resulting in diverse, complex biological communities living in balance with the environment.

Ecosystems consist of living organisms interacting with the non-living elements in the environment, such as soil, atmosphere, water, and heat and sunlight, in ways that are essential for their survival.

Healthy soil is critical, not only for water and food crops, but also to clean and store water, support biodiversity, and regulation of climate. If we think of the web of life, soil perfectly demonstrates the interconnectedness of nature.

As Humans and nature are inextricably coupled, and people depend on the plants, animals and microorganisms that supply important ecosystem services.

It is really important to find ways to reach the minds and hearts of all people and to create a better understanding of nature and what loss of biodiversity means.

Human activity has impacted nature in practically every part of the World, wild plants and animals are at risk of extinction, deforestation and land degradation are causing water scarcity and erosion, and climate change leads to acidification of oceans.

The most important mission of current and future generations is to make the shift that disentangles economic development from environmental degradation, to create a future that is in harmony with nature.

We need to become stewards of the planet, and when we are able to bring back the motivation and imagination to protect and restore the wondrous connectivity of our natural World a lot of opportunities arise.

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