We have given Everything / Wir haben alles Gegeben / Nós demos Tudo / Hemos dado Todo

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The exploitation of Africa and Africans by the Western World, made an invaluable and even an indispensable contribution to the building of the economies of three continents (South America, North America and Europe), while products that embodied large quantities of cheap African slave labour, were used by Europe to seriously harm the economy of another continent (Asia).

European empire builders, namely Portugal, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, England, Belgium, and Germany, employed different strategies and tactics in Africa to make money through the ownership of Human beings, exploration, evangelization, colonization, commercialization, banditry, robbery, and theft.

The 500 years of European slavery and colonialism seriously harmed the African economy, damaged the African societal structures and undermined the psychological self-assurance of Africans.

The deployment of the African slaves in the Americas was immoral, inhuman and one of the worst crimes against humanity.

Americans and Europeans both have a strong belief in Self and this forms a strong foundation for a belief of Superiority. Japanese and the Koreans are likewise taught right from infancy to believe they are superior to the Chinese, all other Asians and the Westerners.

Every civilisation that has risen to make history has had Consciousness and an Awareness of superiority and indomitability to other cultures. This feeling of being better is what makes nations strive to achieve mastery and excellence. It is what makes them successful. Belief in one’s Self is key.

It is not enough to think equality when everyone you are competing with is thinking superiority. This competitive mind-set brings out the best in you and forces you towards a life of continues improvement. It will eliminate your tolerance for mediocrity, incompetence, ineptitude and waste.

Africa must consciously and consistently re-call her great and illustrious past, a very long period unrivalled in the annals of history when it ruled the world unchallenged.

This kind of knowledge when presented has the power to make Africans and those of African heritage believe again. It weakens the shackles of inferiority that binds the mind and burrows massive craters of doubt.

Muslim slave traders exported 8 million African slaves to southern Europe and to Asia Minor between 700 – 1400. In 1445 Portugal got permission from the Pope to practice slavery on condition that it should try to convert the slaves to Christianity.

From 1520 until 1888 European slave-traders transshipped 15 million Africans as slaves to the Americas. Twelve to fifteen generations lived as slaves in the Americas. The total slaves deployed over the 370 years in the Americas may have been considerably more than 100 million at a time when the World population was less than 1 billion.

Europeans had industrial weaponry at their disposal and, to worsen the situation, between1885 and 1945 the colonisation of the African continent took place amidst the vicious inter-empire rivalry between Western states.

Today the African continent has 55 independent countries. With the exception of French-ruled Djibouti, no outside power directly holds sway over African territory. Despite this, the interference in African affairs of the former colonial powers and other big powers means that issues of African unity, independence and self-determination pose themselves as sharply as ever.

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