We must change our Minds / Wir müssen unsere Einstellung Ändern / Nós devemos mudar nossas Mentes / Debemos cambiar nuestras Mente

You know that you should purchase environment-friendly products and choose environment-friendly packaging when you go shopping. However, agreeing that this is a good idea does not necessarily mean that you do it.

You base your consumer choices on the prices or packaging of products, unaware or unmindful of their environmental impact. If you want to change your consumer patterns, you must change your mind.

How you think about your relationship to the non-Human World will go a long way toward determining how you act. That is in order to change the way you behave, you must also change the way you think and vice versa.

This idea is consistent with a basic principle of systems thinking, that is – thoughts create actions .. create thoughts .. create actions .. create thoughts. So to change your behavior, all you have to do is change the way you think!

The thought that ‘Humans are separate from nature’ is at the heart of the environmental problems today.

As long as we see ourselves as separate from non-Human nature, we have no chance of creating effective laws, regulations or personal practices that address the environmental crisis we have created.

The systemic idea that Humans are not a part of nature is deeply embedded in our collective Consciousness and is expressed by the idea that nature is somewhere out there.

We must disolve the artificial boundaries which confine our perceptions. Someone once said, ‘if we could feel what we are doing to the Earth, we would stop immediately.’ Because a man hitting himself on the head with a ball-peen hammer stops immediately, the feedback loop is very short.

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