What Did You Do / Was hast Du gemacht / O que Você fez / Qué hiciste

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What did you do to help save the World?

Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Anthropology in the last 100 years has laid in our doorstep, the tools necessary for an archaic reconstruction of Society, human values within that Society.

It is inconceivable that western industrial capitalism could run on another 500 or 1000 years.

It will not continue as it has, it will deteriorate under the pressure of resource scarcity, and what few democratic values we have obtained, what little space for reasoned discourse has been created will be the first to be swept away.

So it is very, very important for people to take back their minds and that people analyse our dilemma in the context of the entire Human story.

From the descent onto the grassland to our potential destiny as citizens of the galaxy and the universe.

We are at a critical turning point, and as i say, the tools, the data that holds the potential for our salvation is now known, it is available, it is among us, but it is mis-represented, it is slandered, it is litigated against.

It is up to each one of us to relate to this situation in a fashion that will allow us to answer the question that will surely be put to us at some point in the future:

What did you do to help save the World?

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