What do you really Want / Was willst du Wirklich / O que você realmente Quer / Lo que realmente Quieres

Figure out what you really want in life. No limits. Figure out who you want to be. No limits. If you want to own a private jet, or a 10 million dollar house. If you want to be known for something or leave a legacy. Just grab a piece of paper and write it all down. You will figure out the rest later. Just do this now.

Realize that most people are lazy as shit and most will not achieve anything even though everyone wants big things. 99% of people work for someone else, 50% of marriages end in divorce, plenty of people hate their life by the time they turn 25.

This is not going to be you. In order to get what most people can not have, you are going to have to do what most people will not want to do. Get used to being uncomfortable, because most people are broke and unsatisfied with life.

Read books. Put the cell phone away. Put the drinks away. Learn to spend time by yourself and study. Learn all you can about money because it will help you more than most people give it credit, but remember it is only a tool.

Read self help books. Even if the book is shit, at best you will learn more about yourself and gain a new perspective, and at worst you will begin to learn how to filter bullshit.

Start working out. Just do it. Not only will you look better, you will start to eat better, stand taller, and most importantly, gain confidence in yourself. It is addicting, and your body rewards you plenty for it. Take care of your body. This includes mental health. Learn how to handle stress and cope.

Learn about general nutrition, including what macronutrients are, micros, and what they do. Not many people know even basic nutrition because most people are in terrible shape.

Working out is not 15 minutes on the treadmill. Lift some heavy weights. Push your body to the limit of what’s comfortable. That’s the only way you will grow – physically and mentally.

Work on a skill or hobby in your free time. Whatever it is you pick up, aim to be top 5% in the World. You will become interesting, and you will meet more people than you can imagine. Do not put too much stress on finding a partner.

You have the rest of your life to love someone, focus on yourself now.

If you do choose to get married or date, make sure it is for the right reasons and you are working hard to make that relationship work. Meaningful relationships take time and you will always have obstacles.

Once you are learning, working out, and focusing on developing yourself and your net worth, you will be amazed at what opportunities open up for you. You will see the World in a way most people can not imagine.

Always keep moving forward. You will fail in a lot of things, but make sure you fall forward and learn. Learning is a lifelong process, and it is the only real asset you have.

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