What is important in Life / Was ist wichtig im Leben / O que é importante na Vida / Que es importante en la Vida

You want purpose and fulfillment in your life. You want to feel excited and engaged in what you do, both in your career and your personal life. You want to experience the powerful oscillations of life’s energy and create your own unique waves within it.

In order to do so, you have to understand the balance between your Self and money.

Make ‘Live rich’, not ‘Get rich’, your life purpose

‘Get rich’ as a life purpose is really not something to aspire to. The pursuit of money as a primary goal has negative mental health consequences. You will have lower self-esteem, are more likely to be depressed, and will have more trouble in your relationships.

Money is something you choose to trade your life energy for. Your life energy is your allotment of time here on Earth, the hours of precious life available to you. When you go to your job you are trading your life energy for money. You could even say money equals life energy.

While money has no intrinsic reality, your life energy does. It is tangible, and it is finite. Life energy is all you have. It is precious because it is limited and irretrievable and because your choices about how you use it express the meaning and purpose of your time here on Earth.

If there were some way I could buy back time, I would. I would go deep into debt. Time is important. Family is important. Life is important.

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